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We invite you to sponsor rosettes for Supreme Champion or Champion and Reserve Champion Adult or Champion and Reserve Champion Youngstock of the various breed sections. It is $13.75 for a Supreme Rosette and $25.20 for champion and reserve champion rosettes. The name of your stud or your name will be printed on the tail. if you would like to sponsor contact Andrea Thomson

March 2024

Show Secretary: Andrea Thomson
Show Judge: Joan Young, New South Wales, Australia

See the schedule for conditions of entry.  Entries close 15 March 2024

Donkey Section
1. American Mammoth Donkeys
2. Australian Teamster Donkeys - 50% and over registered Australian Teamster bloodline
3. English/Irish Donkeys - 50% and over registered English/Irish bloodline
4. Miniature Donkeys - all sections of the Miniature register
5. New Zealand Donkeys - donkeys who do not have 50% registered blood of any breed
6. Ponui Island Donkeys - 50% and over registered Ponui Island bloodline


Mule Section
7. Pony Mules 14.2 hh and under
8. Hack Mules over 14.2 hh


Fun Section
9.1 Fancy Dress
9.2 Parades
9.3 Amusing
9.4. Characterful
9.5 Child and Donkey/Mule


The Donkey and Mule Society of NZ Inc.

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