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The Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand (Inc.) is the only National Breed Organisation in New Zealand for Donkeys and Mules of all types. It administers the Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand Register which includes mammoth, standard, miniature donkeys and mules.

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Society members receive a quarterly publication with up-to-date information on donkey & mule care, practical advice on training and interesting stories.

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The Donkey & Mule Society has a list of books, Magazines available at no cost to members apart from return postage. DVDs have a small charge to cover postage. Ingrid Seymour, our Librarian will post them out to you free of charge. You can down load the complete list

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Latest News - AGM Photos & Society Award Winners

Go to Here for AGM 2016 Photos

Hi Point Mule Trophy Zebidi of Muletide, Kirsten Petersen.

Pemberton Stud Perpetual Challenge Cup 1. Ass-Prin Acres Show Baby (Imp), Peter & Marion van Dijk.

Clovercrest Junior Mediterranean Miniature Donkey Cup Clovercrest Brunotti, Peter & Marion van Dijk

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Colin Thom Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp), Peter & Marion van Dijk

Silverwood Trophy, Aubrey Park Winter, Janet Ritchie, Amy Blok, (trainer, handler, driver)

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Cameron Donkey Trophy, Jasmine Mr. Darcy, Andrea Thomson

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Young Exhibitor Award, Poppy Dickie, Fernlea Lulu.
Photo: Andrea Thomson (Show Secretary) left, Trevor Stevens (past president) presenting the award to Poppy.

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North Island Publicity Award, Clovercrest Stars N' Stripes & Totara View Harry CS - Deane & Rhonda Cope.

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South Island Publicity Award, Silver Lined Cloud & Sir Benjamin Brown Button - Elizabeth Graham

For larger photos and a download of the Award winners go to Awards 2016

Donkey & Mule Protection Trust

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The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust is a Non-Profit registered Charitable organisation that exists to Improve the Lives of Donkeys & Mules in New Zealand

Protection Trust website

Entire Jack Donkeys

The Society is concerned about the number of Jacks (Stallions) appearing on TradeMe advertised as being suitable for children or as pets. Entire Jacks (stallions) are not safe; they can suddenly become aggressive without warning. Only geldings and jennies should be considered.