The Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand (Inc.) is the only National Breed Organisation in New Zealand for Donkeys and Mules of all types. It administers the Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand Register which includes mammoth, standard, miniature donkeys and mules.

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A New Show: Warkworth A&P. From left: Judge Joanna Roberts, Barbara Mc Aulay with Clovercrest Special Dark, Deane Cope with Clovercrest Stars N Stripes, Rhonda Cope with Totatra View Harry, Trevor Stevens with Paula, Peter Van Dijk with Clovercrest Panache, Marion Van Dijk with Clovercrest Amazing Grace, Son of Karen Stratford with Chateau’s Millenium Pandorra, Karen Stratford with Bending Tree Josephine.

You may have noticed the white donkey Seamus in the background of April's photo on the 2016 Trust/Society calendar marking ANZAC and the donkeys who took part in remembering the work they carried out at Gallipoli.
Seamus, now 37, was retired in 2015 after 12 years of duty at ANZAC services at Woodbury.
When his people, Sylvia and John Parsloe moved, they stipulated the new property had to have room for Seamus. He settled in well on the north facing land and John built him a very nice stable and began walks around the Geraldine Downs for both their health's good. The white donkey became a talking point and Seamus was invited to “ANZAC in Action”, held before ANZAC Day at Rangitata Island Aerodrome. It was reported in The Courier that up to 5000 people attended the two day event and that Seamus was a highlight of the event. He walked among a field of 4000 poppies which was right next door to the artillery with cannon fire making him jump at first, but after a few rounds he ignored all the goings on. He only attended one of the days but was patted by at least 1000 people which must be something of a record. Photos: John and Sylvia.

photo of Above: Rotorua A&P Show. Elton Moore with grandson Grant and his new team.

Above: Rotorua A&P Show. Elton Moore with grandson Grant and his new team.
Photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk.

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Most Versatile Donkey Runner-Up: Fidel, Alison Holcroft. Fidel has been through hard times but clearly has a new zest for life with Alison and Michael de Hamel. This little donkey carried himself with great presence & dignity. Fidel is white with dark eyes. His early life is a mystery. Photo: Lea Hullett.

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Donkey & Mule Protection Trust

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The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust is a Non-Profit registered Charitable organisation that exists to Improve the Lives of Donkeys & Mules in New Zealand

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Entire Jack Donkeys

The Society is concerned about the number of Jacks (Stallions) appearing on TradeMe advertised as being suitable for children or as pets. Entire Jacks (stallions) are not safe; they can suddenly become aggressive without warning. Only geldings and jennies should be considered.

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