Standard, Mammoth & Mule Registry

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

About Registration

It is desirable that donkeys are registered, regardless of whether they are young or old.
Note that you do not need to know breeding details, and the animal can be any age at registration.

By registering stock you gain several benefits.
Registration can prevent unintentional inbreeding now or in the future, give your donkey an identity, and add to the value of your stock.

Registration Application

Registration Certificate Request

Registration Certificate Replacement

Transfer of Ownership

Prefix Name Registration Form

Brand Registration Form

Branding Notification Form

Microchip Notification Form

Accreditation Form part one

Accreditation Form part two

Supplements for imported and locally bred qualifying animals

No. 1 English/Irish Register

Australian Teamster Register Form

American Mammoth Register Form

No. 5 Ponui Register Form

Height Certificates

American Mammoth/Jackstock Measurement Certificate

Non Mammoth Height Certificate

Breed Registration Rules


Ponui Island register rules

Australian Teamster register rules

Mammoth register rules