U.S.A / NZ Registered Pure American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys
with outstanding pedigrees

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At Clovercrest we have been loving and breeding donkeys for over 30 years. They are more than a hobby, they are our passion. We are now dedicated to the American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey (AMMD). We believe they are one of the sweetest animals on earth and t he ultimate Lifestyle Pet! We are very proud of the foals we breed and are focused on breeding stocky, compact little donkeys with good conformation.

Our donkeys are raised with love to become part of our family or yours.
Foals are occasionally for sale.

Our Jacks

Available for stud duties to approved jennies. Fee $1000


Clovercrest Brunotti
100% AMMD DOB 27/12/2013. Dark brown. (Height still temporary but around 30 inches will be updated at age three.)

DNA typed as are all our jacks.

We are very excited to add this well put together, stocky young jack to our breeding programme. Many well known American Champion bloodlines in his extensive pedigree.
We are eagerly expecting his first foal.

Riverside Sparky Magnito

Riverside Sparky Magnito
Our senior herdsire. (imp. USA), 32 inch sorrel.

He is a well balanced, stocky jack with a super temperament and old bloodlines going back to the original imports into the USA from Sardinia. Sparky has done extremely well in the show ring winning numerous Champion and Supreme Champion Show ribbons and Donkey & Mule Soc. of NZ awards.

Cyders Spartacus

Cyders Spartacus
(Imp. USA), 30 inch Dark Russet Red

Sparty is a correct affectionate stocky young jack. Many prominent sorrel and black lines run through his pedigree. He also has an outstanding Old pedigree that goes back to many of the original imports in to the USA from Sardinia. Spartacus is doing very well in the show ring and his first babies are now on the ground. We are thrilled with their quality.

Our Jennies

We have a small herd of exceptional jennies ranging from grey dun, sorrel, dark brown to black to compliment our jacks. No effort was spared to import high quality stock with impressive pedigrees which include some of the best miniature bloodlines in North America.

Our Vision

To be known as breeders of the best pure American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in NZ.

Our Mission

To constantly improve the breed by selecting for quality in our breeding programme.

Our Values

To provide the best possible care for all donkeys on our farm by remaining dedicated to the health and wellbeing of each and every donkey.

Our Motto

If you want your ASS to get noticed, its got to be outstanding.

Lovable, huggable Clovercrest miniature donkeys will change your life!

But .... what can you do with 'em???

Miniatures can be ridden by small children.
The friendliness of the Miniature make them a natural for youngsters.

Breeding beautiful babies

Four weeks before their due date the jenny is put into the foaling paddock next to the house. She is fitted with a foaling collar and is monitored on a video system day and night.

We rarely miss a foaling and are there for the jenny to comfort her and keep an eye on the proceedings.
At six months old the foal is ready to go to its new home.


For those who enjoy competing with their donkeys, miniatures can be shown in halter, in hand jumping, trail and performance classes and can be trained to pull a small cart to compete in harness.

Having Fun

Clovercrest Panache is often driven in harness.

Just loving them

“A pet is an island of Sanity in an Insane World. it can provide in boundless measure, love and unqualified approval.” Boris Levinson

“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask No questions, pass No criticisms.” George Elliot

Community Work

By nature the miniature donkey is one of the friendliest and most affectionate of its type.
Because of their small size and gentle nature they are ideal to interact with children, the disabled and the elderly.
Our little jenny Dewette was the first donkey in NZ to be used in the outreach programme visiting the elderly in rest homes and the sick in hospitals.
We are also using our senior jack Sparky for this work and he has proven to be a natural born therapist! He is gentle, well mannered and loves the attention.

Visitors by Appointment Welcome!

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