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December 2009 issue

Barney's Helicopter Ride — Story page 36

September 2009 issue

Awapuni Hugo and his new friend, three year old Kaiden who comes to ride him every day for 20;30 minutes. Although Hugo is not cut out to be a Champion, he is worth his weight in gold as part of my Outreach Therapy Pets team and for grandchildren and friends alike. Cathie Perrott

June 2009 issue

At the 2009 AGM Sunday display Ross Jones drummed in the donkeys making an unforgettable entrance of the 22 donkeys and one mule. The placid Kowhai Rosie led with Robin Winter and as Ross snaked around all the other donkeys fell into line. Rosie was followed by Flaxton Green Macauley with Graeme Green, Julie Watson with Farmyard Chinook, Jan Wright with her geldings (obscured) and on the far right Trevor Stevens and the others.

March 2009 issue

“Now Listen Here Children!” — Marion van Dijk with some of their miniature donkeys — photo Peter van Dijk

December 2008 issue

Coming Soon

The first Mammoth donkey to arrive in the South Island, Awapuni George Washington, meets some friends at Robin and Coralie Winter's. photo Coralie Winter

September 2008 issue

A stunning photo of a Ponui Island jenny with foal on February 10, 2006, when Andrea Thompson, Anke, Marion and Peter van Dijk visited Ponui Island. photo Peter van Dijk

June 2008 issue

A Cotswold weanling heading for shelter at the beginning of her first experience of a snow storm on June 7th. at her new home in Sth. Canterbury with Lea Hullett and Nick O'Brien. Her thick insulating coat kept her warm.

March 2008 issue

above: Marion van Dijk with American Miniature Mediterranean donkey, Cyder's Spartacus at the NI D&MS Show. Peter wrote: “Would you believe it, 2 minutes before he was to go in to the ring to be judged for Champion, Spartacus managed to have a good roll.”